Darkhan – Museums


Due to its relatively small size, Darkhan offers only one official museum (the Darkhan-Uul Museum). However, due to its proximity to Ulaanbaatar, those looking for cultural experiences as well as museums and art exhibits should be sure to find many additional venues within the capital city. For those traveling to Darkhan, the Darkhan-Uul Museum is highly recommended.



Darkhan-Uul Museum

Darkhan’s most well-known museum, the Darkhan-Uul Museum is also referred to as the Traditional Museum of Folk Art. It is located on the second floor of a marketplace in the Old District. Visitors will enjoy a variety of collections each housed in different rooms including taxidermy, Mongolian cultural relics and a room dedicated to items specifically from the city of Darkhan. One of the museums most important relics is that of an original painting showcasing Lenin meeting Sukhbaatar, considered a classic communist pictorial from 1953. Some of the exhibits include plaques with English translations, however not all do. In addition, it should be noted by visitors that the admission to the museum does not include the ability to take photos. However, a special photo pass is available for an additional small fee.

Address: Zaluuchuud Ave, Darkhan, Mongolia